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Casa Temozón  / Carrillo Arquitectos y Asociados

Located in Temozón Yucatán in a residential area, the house is in a trapezoidal corner plot. Its 60 meter long side faces east and its 39 meter long side faces north. The space of the house is i

Fachadas de casas com madeira - veja 30 modelos modernos e maravilhosos!

West House in Vancouver was designed by Frits de Vries, built by Natural Balance Home Builders and was the first LEED Platinum single family home in Western Canada.

Fachadas de casas sem telhado (2) | assim eu gosto

Para quem está procurando por 5 fachadas de casas para saiba onde encontrar e inspire-se para criar sua própria fachada.

BMW Museum in Munchin

BMW headquarters - Munich - Germany - BMW Headquarters is a Munich landmark, which has been serving as world headquarters for the Bavarian automaker BMW for almost 40 years. It was declared a protected historic building in

© Norbert Juhász

Architects: batlab Location: Budapest, Hungary Architect In Charge: Gergő Batizi-Pócsi, Péter Batizi-Pócsi Structural Designer: Benedek Kiss Year: 2014 Photographs: Norbert Juhász

Sprout Waterhaus Promises 493 Square Feet Of Chemical Free Living | Tiny House for Us

Compact modular green homes built for energy efficiency, indoor air quality and sustainability - GreenPod Intelligent Environments. Not made from a shipping container, but I like the finishes. Could be translated to a shipping container home.

Point Piper House by Popov Bass Architects

Point Piper House by Popov Bass Architects dream building in downtown la Jarego House / CVDB arquitectos