Share Tweet + 1 Mail Free Planner Printables Following from my recent Planner Posts, I decided it was high time I share my favourite ...

Free Planner Printables (Heart Handmade uk)

Free Planner Printables - my favourite Planner Printables from around the internet! These include: calendars, project planners, stickers and flags.

Make cards with leaf prints! Genius

16 Awesome DIY Projects You Can Make With Fall Foliage

DIY Leaf print for cards: Place a fresh leaf in between a sheet of paper and a paper towel. Tap it with a hammer and it leaves the outline of the leaf.

Travel can be exciting, overwhelming, confusing and enlightening – and teaches you things you...

DIY TRAVEL JOURNAL (a pair & a spare)

Document all of your trips in your own map-covered travel journal. Get the tutorial at A Pair & A Spare.

6 Ideias para Customização de Mochila

6 Ideias para Customização de Mochila

bag backpack acid wash denim backpack grunge wishlist blouse blue light blue dope white marble denim indie tie dye vintage school bag fashion back to school style ocean

pensar numa regulável.

14 produtos inovadores que salvariam o seu dia de trabalho

An under-the-desk foot hammock & 22 Ingenious Products That Will Make your work day better

Artesanato de Lembrancinha feita com mola!

Peg puppets - fun craft for the kids. This would be awesome for Jonah craft at church with tiny Jonah in whale's mouth.

Crianças com problemas no processamento sensorial podem apresentar uma série de comportamentos que interferem nas atividades cotidianas. Essas crianças p...

SUMMARY: DIY weighted lap band to help fidgety kids calm down. CONNECTIONS: Kiddos on the spectrum needing that sensory. Have multiple in an area for kids to grab when they need it Students help make these TARGET AGE: early elementary grade

Botanist Kit- comes with leaf and flower press, magnifying glass, collecting boxes, scissors, journal. Cool for summer!

Botany Kits for kids in a suitcase from Playful Learning.for kids, or for adults like me who find botany fascinating!

40 mapas que irão ajudá-lo a entender melhor o mundo 04

40 mapas que irão ajudá-lo a entender melhor o mundo

This is what our earth would have looked like years ago if it had modern political borders. Pangea was a supercontinent that existed during the late