It's a hidden indoor swimming pool!

hidden indoor swimming pool-My parents always told my sister & i that there was a hidden pool in out living room. Lol I love it is enjoying to talk Laugh and play and tell funny jokes in the worm hot tub

Waterfall bathtub. I like it but it probably isn't practical for most of us.

31 Of The Coolest Things For Your House If You Win The Lottery

Okay, I know this is a spa and not a house. But if there was a "waterfall" in my house, with a small pool to hang out in, in a room with tons of natural light, and all that good stuff.I would never leave my house.

O muro forrado com pedra-madeira, uma parede verde reúne aspargo-pendente, columeia, chifre-de-veado, orquídea e véu-de-noiva: plantas de sol pleno e fácil manutenção (são irrigadas automaticamente duas vezes ao dia). Projeto do arquiteto Erick Figueira de Mello.

Reforma integra sobrado carioca ao jardim de 48 m²

reminds me of the backyard of the Florida keys house we stayed in. Projeto do arquiteto Erick Figueira de Mello.

Elegant Green Swimming Pool Design Ideas

Learn all about using tile outdoors. Includes information on using tile for patio flooring, swimming pool enhancement, outdoor kitchens and more.

Plunge pool backyard

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