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some gold plaques are laying on the cobblestone road
Stumbling blocks that scandalize
Stumbling Blocks – Over 40,000 stones laid across a number of European cities commemorating victims of the holocaust
a sign that is on the side of a building with grass and trees in the background
people are walking through an open building with green and white walls, while two men sit on benches in front of them
Urban vigour: Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital
Urban vigour: Lady Cilento Children's Hospital | ArchitectureAU
two people walking across a crosswalk in the middle of an intersection with signs on it
�介��娴锋�ヤ���娆h� Icograda
By Masaaki Hiromura, supervised the visual identity and the signage system. He introduced a unique signage system which does not spoil the transparency of the architecture (mainly made of glass) and in which information on the floor guides visitors to destination, without losing the transparency of the architecture or interfering with visitors looking at exhibits.
a sign that is sitting in the middle of a floor next to a wall with different types of signs on it
Brit Insurance Designs of the Year 2011 award nominations – in pictures
From energy-harvesting paving slabs to quick-assembly emergency shelters, see the projects at the cutting edge of design in 2010
the sign for an art gallery is painted yellow and gray with letters that spell out
Design Archives
Pentagram Brands A Charter School, To Inspire Kids
there is a monument in the middle of a park
ChannelCtr-Iron-Street-Park-3 « Landscape Architecture Platform
ChannelCtr-Iron-Street-Park-3 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine
an airport sign is displayed on the wall in front of two doors with arrows pointing to different destinations
Resource centre | Urban Splash
Park Hill
an empty room with white walls and black door handles on the floor, in front of a row of urinals
Not one of ours - but great idea. Morisawa çorporate building / sign
two people are walking on the street with skis and poles in front of them