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Grunge Blog | Making You Smile
Whiskers and Honeycomb

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a hand is holding several shells and seashells
there is a collage of pictures with different things in it including shells and pearls
a white book shelf filled with lots of books
Always judge a book by its colour….
a red background with white text that says, i would've bed out if you told me you liked the color red
some very tall buildings in the middle of a cloudy sky area with no one around them
Pinterest: faejackson4
a pink neon sign that reads books in front of a book shelf filled with books
Grunge Blog | Making You Smile
a polaroid camera sitting on top of a bed
Visit my blog for daily grunge pictures to make you smile :)
a person holding a black rose in their hand
Luxury fashion & independent designers | SSENSE
Daniël - "Do you know why some people prefer their friends over their family? Because they don't have the chance to chose their family, but they sure as hell have the chance to chose their friends."
a black and white photo of waves crashing on the rocks in front of an ocean
Ƭɦҽ Ꮥҽα ᏇᎥʈƈɦ ᏕᎥʂʈҽɽʂ
Grunge Blog | Making You Smile
Grunge Blog | Making You Smile
a bunch of black stars are flying in the air with one star falling off it's side
08/06/13 BeAuTiFuL... -cHoPiN- - Isabelle Chopin
Black Star Confetti pinned with #Bazaart - www.bazaart.me