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The 'BRIC' House by Haiwei Xie Xie's work aims to respond to the question of 'how can technologies change the relationship between family and house?' The model is a great example of the new innovative of community architecture.

Casas Gregers Grams / R21 Arkitekter                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Casas Gregers Grams / R21 Arkitekter Mais

Fahad Jeddah

The conceptualization of the project takes as a starting point separation architectural program in two main centers - social and private - generating each one of the volumes that make up the house.

Gas Insulated Switchgear Station

The Danish Parliament wishes to upgrade the visual appearance of the Danish power grid. As a result, has decided not to construct a new large open-air switchgear station in Vejen, Jutland, but instead build a gas-insulated switchgear stat