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Сострадание к животным тесно связана с добротой характера, и может быть безопасно заявил, что любой, кто жесток с животными, не может быть хорошим человеком - Артур Шопенгауэр

Hud(son) Willis was destined for horse flesh. His first word was a knicker. He loved carrots & apples & oatmeal. and his first love will always be his quarter horse Chisum. The only gal to catch his eye better have 4 legs & a tail!

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Ezyshine has bought the creative contemporary bookshelves design ideas that can fit on the walls, save the space & can give a sleek look to the home interior. These contemporary bookshelves design can make your home colourful & scenic.

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DIY Firefly Lamp-Craft by Photo - DIY Firefly Lamp is a craft tutorial in which a tin can has drilled holes, is painted, and is illuminated by a strand of light…