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a bulletin board with feet on it and the words following in his steps written below
First Penance Art and Display Ideas
As First Penance approaches for Second Class teachers, here are some art and display ideas that might be of use! Art ideas: Using the story of The Good Shepherd, here are some simple but effective …
a bulletin board with pictures on it that says tell me s'more about jesus
May 2014 Summer bulletin board s'mores. Check out my other boards I've made.
a blue light with a cross on it and the words jesus is the guiding light
three stickers depicting jesus lights my path, growing in faith and growing in faith
Oriental Trading
This would have made great themes as well. Camp Courage Magnet Craft Kit - $5.00 makes 12
a bulletin board that says jesus is s'more than enough for me
Page not found - Family Faith Builders
Visit the post for more.
a classroom with tables, chairs and trees painted on the wall above them in shades of green
40 Excellent Classroom Decoration Ideas - Bored Art
Excellent Classroom Decoration Ideas (1)
there are many different signs on the wall in this room, including jesus is the listener to god and walk with jesus
Children's Education
Children's ministry railroad theme walls | Children’s Ministries - Hermitage United Methodist Church
a train track that leads to heaven with the words,'a trip that leads to heaven
Bogard Press Vacation Bible School
VBS Salvation Tract (Train Theme)
camp out getting s'more of jesus
VBS Headquarters - Vacation Bible School Programs & Supplies
Camp Out Weekend VBS Group 2017
a bulletin board with trees and stars in the background that says let your light shine
Glow for Jesus (Let your light shine) VBS 2017
there is a fire pit made out of logs and sticks with flags on it in front of a blue backdrop
Thanks to Alice Kourey Gill and leadership team with Cape Fear Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, North Carolina for this great scene!