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the inside of a jewelry box with many different items in it
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Storage idea for earrings! (I already store my earrings in this, but didn't know how to keep them from getting tangled! Now I do!)
an open refrigerator filled with lots of cleaning products
Life hacks changing lives (24 photos) = I love these clear shoe racks. Great for make-up, hair spray, brushes and all kinds of things. Works great on a bathroom door, too.
four different colored shirts hanging on a white coat rack next to a black and brown cat
Tank top organization. Because who really needs a hanger for every single one. Use shower curtain hooks for easy on/off.
the clothes hangers are organized and ready to be hung
High Prairie Farmgirl
Wonder if this would work for hubby pocket squares?
an image of the bottom shelf of a closet with several rolls of wrapping paper on it
Shoe pockets as organizer for wrapping paper. Cut the bottoms off the pockets on the 2nd and 3rd sections.
rolls of toilet paper are on the shelf in the closet next to the refrigerator door
Home Organizing Ideas - Can We Ever Get Enough of Them???
What a great idea!! Home Organizing Ideas - Can We Ever Get Enough of Them???
a chalkboard with grocery bags hanging from it's sides in front of two framed pictures
10 Stylish Family Schedule and Command Center Ideas
Great idea!
the shoe rack is holding many pairs of shoes and other items on it's shelves
Want to Write For Home Décor ‘Write For Us’? - Organize With Sandy
Create a mud room in your garage. A Cubby storage unit and wire shelves inside create a great place for shoes, mud/dirt easy to clean up.
there is a rack that has many different colors of beads on it and some are in bowls
Copic Stuff
Use a small wine rack and large plastic cups to store markers, colored pencils... for scrapbookers and kids!
several backpacks are hanging on the wall
Chores & backpacks. Also cute to pin report cards and other achievements, artwork etc.