Friday Favourites: A Little Bit of Everything

Friday Favourites: A Little Bit of Everything

DIY Tree-Branch Coat Rack: Cut/collect some small-ish branches (during a walk in the woods or from pruning trees).MAKE A COAT RACK!

Olive, Bacon and Cheese Bread ~ Great dinner or appetizer bread, you could even make this in mini muffin pans. Peut être facilement adapté à thermomix

Olive, Bacon and Cheese Bread

Olive, Bacon and Cheese Bread! Are you looking for a quick lunch fix at work? Or simply a good dish everyone will love at home for dinner? Serve this olive, bacon, ham and cheese quick bread

Buen uso de un rincón de la habitación de un joven, para escritorio.

Pegboards can be used in every room in your house! Here are 32 pegboard ideas to show you just how versatile the humble pegboard can be. 32 Pegboard Ideas For Every Room in Your House via


Raised floor, extra space on top, and a pull out bed underneath! Maybe try this to have a guest room/office or playroom?

Far more sophisticated than a loft bed, this extra-high built-in platform style comes with some of the same benefits — namely lots of extra storage space.

Happiness at Home with a German Design Duo

Ausbau Apartment Wiesbaden is a minimalist house located in Wiesbaden, Germany, designed by Studio Oink. A small apartment in a popular area.

Um conceito de apartamento pequeno perfeito para um jovem casal - limaonagua

Um conceito de apartamento pequeno perfeito para um jovem casal

2 Simple, Super Beautiful Studio Apartment Concepts For A Young Couple [Includes Floor Plans] Small apartment ideas

No estar, sofá Coroa, de Marcelo Rosenbaum, mesa de centro Raiz, de Jader…

Visita guiada: casa reformada ganha espaço e conforto


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