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Creepypasta Zodiacs - Part 33#

rαndσm sċєňαríσѕ ţhαt ıňєvσlvє ţhє ċяєєpʏpѧsţα ċһѧяѧċţєrѕ. hσpє чσu єňjσч ??? ɞţw ţhíѕ ɰíll вє α {ON GOING} prσвєrlч up ţσ 100

Hãy Để Tôi Nói: Tôi Yêu Em! [ Ejxjeff] [ DROP ]

Khi Slendy dắt 1 thành viên mới vài nhà, ai cũng hớn hở làm quen, chỉ riêng Jeff, cậu nhìn người đó với một ánh mắt hình viên đạn.........Ai muốn đọc tiếp thì nhào vô!😍

Fan Jeff the killer12 by Ashiva-K-I on DeviantArt

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Leaf Village's Demons [BEING REWRITTEN] - The Abuse/Meeting: Part 1

Naruto and Creepypasta crossover. This fanfic is based off of a RP that me and @PinkiePieParty122894 are doing so as the roleplay goes so does the story. Edit: RP is over but the story will continue cause we finished the rp.


Hey there!! Im Lynn. So I’m sorry for upcoming comic you know it may take long time. The story is being written, if you wanna know, I can mention the little details. Otherwise its kinda like Ticci...

El Fandom Creepypasta

Bueno, aqui encontraras cosas sobre el fandom creepypasta. Puedes mandar tu opinion. *Experiencia invocando. *Cosas que no agradan del fandom *Shipps *Galeria *Y otras cosas mas... #52 En Humor 14/6/2016 #47 En Humor 15/6/2016 #35 En Humor 16/6/2016

No Podran Alejarnos ||Ticci Toby y tu||Terminada|| - XIII: T de Traición

Ella era una chica algo solitaria, no hablaba demasiado, tenía miedo de ser juzgada o simplemente de convertirse en la burla de todos. No podía expresarse con facilidad, en público, se quedaba inmóvil y al hablar se equivocaba o decía las palabras con nerviosismo; en realidad tenía pánico escénico. Algo que a la mayoría de las personas les sucedía. Vivía en un orfanato con su madre, quien era la encargada del lugar. Su padre había muerto hace 1 año a manos de un grupo de asesinos. Aquella…

+ Protecting him + by xDestroyerPudinx on DeviantArt

"Don't fret precious I'm here, step away from the window Go back to sleep" Song: [link] Pet - A perfect circle. + Protecting him +

[ creepypasta ] jeff and liu. by boltxn-queen on DeviantArt

zoom / download for better view ! can u tell i have a creepypasta preference ??? i love my murder boys okay. this is vv shitty tbh but !!!! hope y... [ creepypasta ] jeff and liu.

Sweet dreams (Jeff the killer male reader x cinder fall)

(A/n: disclaimer: I dont own rwby or jeff this stuff is owned by there original owners please support the original releases.) A/n: What do you know about the roses? Well some people believe that the roses are a kind and caring family. Boy were they wrong meet y/n the adoptive brother of the rose and xiao long family now y/n was abused and beaten every second of everyday. But what happens when it goes to far and y/n turns into a crazy killer that is only out for blood well lets find out.

Si Mi Mama Invocara - Ben Drowned

Read Ben Drowned from the story Si Mi Mama Invocara by Soy_A_1 with 2,490 reads. invocaciones, wattys2019, espíritus...

Creepypasta Zodiacs

Po co się rozpisywać? Zapraszam do zodiaczków! Bramy są otwarte! =^.^= *Wszystkie podobieństwa do innych zodiaków są przypadkowe* [KSIĄŻKA ZAKOŃCZONA]

100 Razones para ser Creepypaster

¿Todavía no estás seguro de ser ver creepypaster? Razones para entrar al fandom + ayuda y curiosidades

Hoodie x reader Friendship and Love - Chapter 5

Hoodie is a young teen who doesn't only work, but is Slendermans proxy. Actually his frist. Hoodies best friend is Masky. The second proxy. Toby was the last. Masky and Toby are rivals. At times Masky treats Hoodie like shit. One day Hoodie goes for a walk to the park before his killing spree. There he sees a young girl. Hoodie finds her very beautiful so he tries to learn a bit about her, but when they meet is it going to be the way Hoodie expected or not.

Peter Pan smuts! Requests:Closed - When hate turns into love-requested-

Ello everyone, there is not a lot of Peter Pan/Robbie Kay smuts so I decided to write some of my own.requests are always open. I've also been getting some not so nice feedback so please don't comment/read,if your just going to be Bitchy. Just saying. Thank you for all of the votes and support ❤️

Laughing Jack and Eyeless Jack -Fusion!- by DerseDragon on DeviantArt

Because why not? XD A fusion meme for the Jack Brothers~ I wonder what to name the fusion (>_<) Jack Jack? Eyeless Laughing? Wow. This one is diff... Laughing Jack and Eyeless Jack -Fusion!-