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Large willow dreamcatcher wall hanging white, Wall hangings healing crystals wood dream catcher
Looking for a beautiful wall hanging that will bring a touch of serenity to your space?🌈 Look no further than this stunning large willow dreamcatcher. Crafted from natural materials and featuring healing crystals, this dreamcatcher is more than just a decoration – it's a powerful tool for promoting positive energy and peaceful vibes in your home❤. #willowdreamcatcher #healingcrystals #serenity #positiveenergy #peacefulvibes
two decorative wall hangings on a brick wall next to a potted plant and tree branch
an eye made out of sticks and beads on the wall with other items around it
Tala Mayari on Instagram: “Sweet dreams, Good health For more info, like us on Facebook: TalaMayariPH #talamayari #philippines #supportlocal #madetoorder #handmade…”
a drawing of an art piece with many different colored beads on the strings and in front of it is a white background
Zentangle Challenge #91 - Beads of Courage
a blue and white wall hanging with an evil eye on it's side, next to a potted plant
Evil Eye Wall Hangings – Evileyefavor
there is a sculpture made out of some kind of material with beads and feathers hanging from it
6 dreamcatchers you’ve got to see (or make yourself!) | Haak Maar Raak
an image of a dream catcher with feathers
Tan Soul Connection Double Dream Catcher - DreamCatcher.com