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"I hope you weren't plannin' on gettin' outta here alive." /// after the outbreak people turned on others, some for revenge of other things that have happened in the past, and other for the pure joy, the thrill of it
This picture shows a man holding a chainsaw. the chain saw is a tool but is being presented as a forceful weapon. the blood and rust on the blade makes it appear to have been used as a murder weapon. His clothes are very tattered and mucky this suggests he is not civilised and does not wash or get changed this could suggest he is in hiding or is running from something. His face is very distorted
all that talk of blood is evil, and yet when they're taking their last breath, they always think of the blood leaving their body. funny that.
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Misfits - Michael Myers
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nataliadrepina: “Model: @jennydagon Costume Designer: Agnieszka Osipa Autumn dies… Her body and spirit wither like fallen leaves. Her trembling hands keep the vial filled with blood drops of birds...
- sad teens with happy faces -
Taissa Farmiga plays the quiet, motherly Olivia who is best friends with Emily and  also an orphan yet she takes on a lot of responsibility for the children!