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Kawaii Circle Glasses

Look cute and smart at the same time with this fashion eyewear. Choose among three frame colors - clear, black, pink - or get them all to match your various outfits. This lightweight eyeglass is desig

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The vintage styles are coming back! Come see us at Mission Creek Optometry as we have glasses similar to these! - Tap the link to shop on our official online store!

Maquiagem para quem usa óculos de grau

Treatment for Puffy Eyes: Ask the Experts? When dealing facial problems, especially the eyes or eyelids, make sure the treatment for puffy eyes is safe.

Postei sobre os meus 8 modelos de óculos de grau e contei como ter uma armação bacana sem gastar tanto!

Óculos de Grau Favoritos

Glasses may have tiny manufacturer scratches & imperfections on the Demo Lenses - nothing major, perfectly good to wear! Pictures are of the Actual Glasses ! Make Supersized Seem Small.

Armacao de Grau Isabele 2.0 Preto/Rose

Armacao de Grau Isabele 2.0 Preto/Rose

Mine seem to be cat eyed with a bit of club of master...... The Ultimate Glasses Fashion Vocabulary

Infográfico: Você conhece todos os modelos de óculos do mercado?

The ultimate GLASSES Fashion Vocabulary My glasses are cat-eye. I used to own oval glasses. And my sunglasses are square.

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