Clean Eating Dinner Recipes

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Clean Eating Dinner recipes from across the web

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Healthy Pork Chops and Sauerkraut - Clean Eating - 90/10 Nutrition

Healthy Pork Chops and Sauerkraut in the Instant Pot, in the slow cooker, or in the oven. The choice is yours with this adaptable recipe.

Steak with Spicy Green Salsa - 90/10 Nutrition

This Steak with Spicy Green Salsa has been a favorite in my house for YEARS. It's incredible. I am willing to bet that this one will go on a rotation in your household too.

Chili-Rubbed Salmon with Peach Salsa - 90/10 Nutrition

Top this salmon with the incredibleness of fresh peach salsa and it takes WOW! to WOWIE! I know you're going to love Chili-Rubbed Salmon with Peach Salsa.

Asian Salmon Kebabs - 90/10 Nutrition

These Asian Salmon Kebabs are so light and refreshing, this recipe is why grills and skewers were invented.

Shore Lunch: Healthy "Fried" Fish - 90/10 Nutrition

One of the best things ever iss The Shore Lunch. Go fishing early morning, catch a few nice walleyes and fry them. Here's a healthy shore lunch version.

Cheesy Grilled Vegetable Quesadillas - 90/10 Nutrition

These healthy Cheesy Grilled Vegetable Quesadillas are loaded with yummy and nutritious veggies and ooey gooey cheese, and go together so fast!

Healthy Beef and Broccoli with brown rice - 90/10 Nutrition

Healthy Beef and Broccoli with no added refined sugars or other junk ingredients! We paired this with brown rice (not white) and steamed edamame for a full and nutrition meal.

Healthy Steak Stir Fry - Clean Eating - 90/10 Nutrition

This Healthy Steak Stir Fry can be served with brown rice or cauliflower rice or it can be served by itself. No junk ingredients!

Low Carb Carne Asada Bowls - 90/10 Nutrition

Low carb carne asada bowls combine a tasty carne asada recipe with healthy guacamole and other low carb ingredients for a tasty keto bowl.

Baked White Fish with Zoodles-N-Noodles - 1-2-3 Eat! - 90/10 Nutrition

This simple "1-2-3 Eat!" meal consists of a baked white fish (such as orange roughy) with a fun "zoodles-n-noodles" combo.

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie - 90/10 Nutrition

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie! Hearty and satisfying, you’ll enjoy the leftovers just as much as the meal!

Healthy Shrimp Tacos - 90/10 Nutrition

These healthy shrimp tacos are just simple and tasty. The slaw topping gives it a wonderful creamy, lime zing that everyone loves.

Baked Chicken Taquitos - Clean Eating - 90/10 Nutrition

It doesn't matter if you make these baked chicken taquitos as a main dish or an app or a snack...just make them! The kids absolutely love these!

Low Carb Air Fryer Crab Cakes - Clean Eating - 90/10 Nutrition

These healthy air fryer crab cakes are also low carb or keto. They're crispy and delicious! Make sure you use real crab meat!

Slow Cooker Chicken Gyros - 90/10 Nutrition

Slow Cooker Chicken Gyros is an easy and tasty take on a Greek classic. You'll get all the flavor of classic Greek gyros from your slow cooker at home.

Healthy Chicken Fried Steak - 90/10 Nutrition

A healthy chicken fried steak recipe is hard to come by. This healthier version uses whole grain flour and olive oil for a light and crisp coating.