Carven by Viviane Sassen #fashion #photography

Using the models as shapes to create fashion pieces of art Viviane Sassen, Untitled, 2012

And those are the vintage arrows that I got from a thrift store for $1 a piece. I love that they do what flowers do – add height and softness, except Bearcat can’t eat them and puke and then eat the puke.  Although she tries, yes she does.

How to create a faux ceramic pendant with Shirley Rufener our newest Polymer Clay TV host.


I love the descriptions used to differentiate among different VHS tapes: "Super HG" "High Energy" "Super Visual" "XR Excellent Resolution" etc.

THIS WORK SHOULD BE TURN OFF WHEN I DIE (2011) / by Stefan Brüggemann

stefan brüggemann: on sociology (the civilization of speculation)


It's a free iPhone background by Margot Madison margotmadison. Apple Logo iPhone 4 Wallpaper Wallpaper for i.

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