From Penguin's Drop Caps series of books

Penguin Drop Caps is a series of twenty-six collectible hardcover editions of fine works of literature, each featuring on its cover a specially commissioned illustrated letter of the alphabet by type designer, Jessica Hische.

Logo Design inspiration #create #inspire #motivate

really like the 'L' logo type- beautiful visual element and logotype underneath. The illustration almost detail is vey beautiful on the eye. Could either re-create this look, or could just re-create a logotype without a main symbol element aswell

All Olympic Logos From 1932 to 2016

All Olympic Logos From 1932 to 2016

vintage animal typography

This animal alphabet by Marcus Reed is very bright and colourful. Great for children as each word is made up of one or a group of animals that start with the same letter.

Travel Back to the 60s with the Process for Wink Beverages Concept — The Dieline - Branding & Packaging Design - created via

Wink - Branding and packaging for Wink’s soda, a beverage drink original from the / by Laura de Miguel and Alejandra Martinez.