MONDOBLOGO: i think i hit an optic nerve....  #grafica #optical

Julian Stanczack Op art/ non-representational geometric shapes, optical illusion, detect a sense of movement./ This image uses curved lines to give the viewer illusion of movement.

Elisabeth Hellmann

This made us smile :) Heart light - Serendipity Circles - via The Flying Mouth , source unknown Happy - via Design Blossom.

triangular shelf

SHELF or triangular shelf is a modular system that allows you to sculpt armies of triangles into any form you like. You can vary widths, lengths and depths, plus go on to snake these sculpture-like forms across walls or floors.

Anna Queen

Anna Queen

grotesquely surreal sculptures - There is something about the macabre, the strange and the sardonic that intrigues people; the grotesquely surreal sculptures featured here demonstr.

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