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Chris Fraser’s Light Installations

Chris Fraser’s Light Installations

staceythinx: “ Chris Fraser creates dazzling light installations by turning a dark enclosed room into variation on a camera obscura. A precursor to the camera, the camera obscura is “a box or room.

oh, the moon.

I see the moon and the moon sees me. A collection of the best Lunar images, inspired by the "Supermoon" of May S)

Movie cars.

Movie Cars

movie cars: almost all are american! I loved all theses cars as a Kid, but Christine was my FAVORITE! I grew up with all boys.

Game On (via Chris Andersen Photography)

Imagine that you drive your car or motorcycle on these roads . wonderful collection of pictures of the most beautiful roads.


The tree root is looking for soil . Brick is man man. Any root will find it is way to soil so the tree can live. Kill the root and the tree dies. We need our trees . They too are a living thing !