Caractère processus de Sketch par * LuigiL sur deviantART

luigil: “I thought it would be nice to share one of the ways I sketch out character ideas. I first sketch the simple head and body shapes, then I sketch lines for legs and arms to create a pose.

Kitchen Magician Knife Sharpener #kitchen #decor #curio #cool

Kitchen Magician Knife Sharpener - love this whole site. so much fun kitschy stuff

Living Clay: Ceramic Sculptures by Johnson Tsang

Living Clay: Ceramic Sculptures by Johnson Tsang

Living Clay: Artist Johnson Tsang Brings Ceramic Bowls and Cups to Life sculpture ceramics anthropomorphic-This is a very beautiful and simple piece. The face is very soft and relaxed.

Float by Anticlimaddox, via Flickr

Float is a unique, limited edition designer toy crafted by hand in U. There will only be 150 of any color variety ever made. They are made of durable resin, rotocast to create a lightweight but durable collectible piece of artwork.

No One Can Save Us Now | Eric Foenander and Mojoko

Superman @ Singapore Art Museum

“No One Can Save Us” is a sculpture of a melted Superman by artists Eric Foenander and Steve Lawler (aka Mojoko). It is on display at the Future Proof exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum through April

Miniature Mac Classic running on Raspberry Pi

John Leake has created what may be the world’s smallest working Macintosh using a Raspberry Pi computer, PVC, some off-the shelf parts and a Mac emulator running under Linux. He calls it “Mini Mac.

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