15 DIY projects to increase your home value

15 DIY Projects to Increase Your Home Value

15 DIY projects to increase your home value -- Just like this idea of making a closet with tension rods and bookshelves. No instructions but it's a good idea.

The Best Butt Workout

Best Butt Workout (Download PDF)

The Best Butt Workout - Hip Thrusts, Donkey Kicks, Fire Hydrants, Plie Sumo Squats + Side Lunges. The girl in the pic is prob all of 18 years old, but what tha heck.

How to make beer bottles into glasses

Funny pictures about Beer bottles into glass cups. Oh, and cool pics about Beer bottles into glass cups. Also, Beer bottles into glass cups.

How to build a Birdhouse

How to build a Birdhouse.The kids are always asking."What kind of bird is that?", "Where do they build a nest, in a house or tree?I often just say we should build a birdhouse and see who moves in!

10 Must-See Small Cool Homes: Week Three | Apartment Therapy

10 Must-See Small Cool Homes: Week Three

Tiny apartment - beautifully designed - cozy and cute. Tesha's Charming Character --- dear god I want an exposed brick wall in an apartment.

Transferir fotos para a madeira é muito fácil e dá um charme único para a sua decoração.

Como Transferir Fotos para a Madeira

Para apartamentos pequenos: lavanderia escondida! quando fechado parece um armários, nas portas ficam os produtos de limpeza e dentro a máquina de lavar e secar.

Lavanderias Lindas! Modernas, Decoradas ou Românticas?

close up play room closet behind, utility room. open it like this to make laundry closet at the back door. Enclose the water heater. use space where w/d are now at right of door as a little built in seat for bags & coat hooks over it.

18 Fabulous Ikea Hacks by Designer Trapped in a Lawyer's Body for Hometalk!

10 Fabulous IKEA Hacks: How To Customize IKEA Furniture!

These 10 FABULOUS IKEA hacks show you exactly how to customize IKEA furniture. Take basic furniture from blah to beautiful with these awesome DIY tutorials!

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31 ideias criativas para decorar sua varanda de forma inteligente

Do you have a small outdoor space? Check out this chic outdoor space ready for summer lounging!