This would be a great tattoo!

(Tattoo design idea) --- Promise Cross A fluid, graceful cross is embraced by a heart: symbol of the Father's love, the gift of His son, and the promise that "whoever believes in Him should not perish." Designed by artist Patrick Neuwirth.

Beautiful foot tattoo

My first tattoo! And definitely not my last. Symbolizing the next step that Im about to take in my life. Designed by my dad and tattooed magnificently by Papito at Green Man Tattoo Shop in West Hartford, CT.

cute tattoo

Believe Tattoo - perfect for breast cancer awareness .love the B, love the color and even possibly have a normal B and make the L the breast cancer ribbon in pink, except purple for epilepsy

Paw prints tattoo

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tattoo - one paw for each dog Ive ever had. But one the bottom of my foot so they continue to leave paw prints on the earth

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Thought it was neat to find a paw print tattoo with this as the description cause this is why I want a paw print tattoo (for being a vet tech --> Since I've been in the Veterinary field 18 years, the last 7 as a licensed tech!

tattoo - one paw for each dog I've ever had... But one the bottom of my foot so they continue to leave paw prints on the earth

Pawprint tattoo - one paw for each dog you've ever had. But perhaps on the bottom of the foot so they continue to leave paw prints on the earth

I want to get two paw prints. One for Kenton and one for Kelsey, with the letter K on the middle of each paw. We put down Kenton 2 months ago, and then had to put Kelsey down last week. They were attached at the him for 14 years. I miss them both dearly. They were the best dogs a girl could ask for. RIP Kenton and Kelsey. At least you are together in doggie heaven.

I finally got my tattoo done today.It& in memory of my black lab Joey :)

Paw Print Tattoo. I Would Totally Think About Getting Paw Print With Memory Of My Pets! | See more about paw print tattoos, print tattoos and paw prints.

Paw print and initial tattoo. I would totally think about getting paw print with memory of my pets!