Nome das personagem L

Read Colours part 2 from the story More Lawliet x reader oneshots (Death Note) by adventuretimefanitc (Eyebags) with 442 reads. deathnotefanfiction, lawliet, l.

1000–7=... kaneki Still not crying theres just dust

Sad momment in tokyo ghoul ugh best part of the anime so far in my opinion

The man who named me, to the man that killed me, the man who gave me hope, Arima, you were my teacher, and my father, Kaneki, Arima, sad, text, comic, dead, death, Haise, white hair, ghoul, kagune; Tokyo Ghoul

"the man who named me, the man that killed me and the man that gave me hope. you were my teacher and my father" now cry. because I am crying too.

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