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Azrael Batman fanart, Wandah Kurniawan

Azrael Batman for Comicon 2014 for higher resolution and another shot :

Superhero Week: Who is the most famous black superhero? Azrael?

Superhero Week: Who is the most famous black superhero?

Are there enough black superheroes in Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse or any other catalogue? Sometimes it's easier to name green or red (Hulk, Vision, Martian Manhunter, etc) heroes than it is to name a black one.

Azrael by Dan Lynch (Shadowrenderer) on deviantART

Azrael by Shadowrenderer on DeviantArt

Azrael pic I drew back in 2010. Brand new colours. Azrael

Azrael Batman Logo by ~MachSabre on deviantART

Azrael Batman Logo by MachSabre on DeviantArt

In wake of a lot of DC themed work I've been doing here, I thought I'd upload my Batman symbol logos that I made here for anyone to use. Right now, it's... Azrael Batman Logo

Azrael DC Comics | DSC Azrael by =MarcLaming on deviantART

DSC Azrael by MarcLaming on DeviantArt

DC Comic's Azrael for Outcast Studio's Daily Sketch Challenge. Drawn in around 40 minutes and coloured in 30 minutes. DSC Azrael