A importância de uma dieta rica em vitaminas

A importância de uma dieta rica em vitaminas

Como fazer uma super salada Visite www.saudeprospera.com.br e saiba dicas para cuidar da sua alimentação..

Como fazer uma super salada

Uma raposa feliz

(Ooooommmmm - p.) A Red Fox: "Smelling The Fresh Woodland Air." (Photo By: Roeselien Raimond.

Plan ahead and take the time to create something really special for your home and family this year. Check out these 21 Stylish Christmas Craft Ideas. This is one of my...

21 Stylish Christmas Craft Ideas

How to make a rustic macramé Christmas ornament. Super easy and inexpensive. ~ this SO looks like an old fashion beach float, don't you think?

brilliant tutorial

WhiMSy love: Tutorial: Clay ornament/tags using Fimo soft polymer clay. Simple necklaces, bookmarks, Christmas ornaments, package tags with a person’s initials. Seems like a fun, simple project for a girl’s sleepover. Stamps are used.

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Fibonacci beauty.

you will give a human form to the economy. The Fibonacci sequence in beauty is found in the human face. The most beautiful people have faces that closely adhere to this proportion.

Beautiful altered book by Rebecca Morris at http://www.scrappingontheedge.blogspot.com/ using Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells line.

Little Book of Spells Treasure Box - I need inspirations! I'm gathering ideas to create my own BOS- replica custom witches Book of Shadows, Wiccan core rituals, Pagan magical practices, witchcraft books

7 dicas para ter mais inspiração

7 dicas para ter mais inspiração

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Sacred Geometry, the golden ratio or mean and phi point ratio The same ratio Vitruvius saw in the human body – 1 to PHI (1.618) – exists in every part of nature, from swimming fish to swirling planets. This divine ratio, or divine proportion, has been called the building block of all life.


Pine Berry Spiderweb, Czech Republic

Spiderwebs on misty mornings are among the most beautiful things in nature. Too bad they're made by spiders, one of the most terrifying things in nature.


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