Omygosh Jungkook is seriously TOO MUCH in that second photo I want to ship him back to his parents XD oh my gosh, Jin you're killing me

Meu Kook sempre muito sério !!!! ♥

BTS celebrate their anniversary with a 'Real Family Picture' photo shoot! Why such a sourpuss Jungkook?

Gsuis, como eu queria poder abraçar esse ser ❤

[HD] 161018 SBS Love Game Radio © The Luminary “Your smile is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

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Bangtan Boys Jungkook dude he totally looks like lee min ho in that picture :o Bagtan Boys - BTS: Jungkook - 정국 - チョングク - Jeon Jeong-Guk - 전정국 - ジョングギ (Jun Jung Kook / Jun Jung Gook / Jeon Jeong Kuk)

Povo, vamos imprimir essas fotos e colar na testa.

💙Jimin is iconic ❤️ BTS are kings 💖 💜 I post a lot to get the fangirling out


BTS na Ceremonii Otwarcia Hello PyeongChang Winter Festival