fernando vercente

Human Anatomy by Fernando Vicente-- this is kind of like what im doing for my ap art concentration


Dicionários vintages em belas e coloridas ilustrações da anatomia humana

PRRINT is an art shop that has made a name for themselves by creating energetic illustrations on the pages of the vintage press, and now they’re taking it a step further by resurrecting discarded books

Free Daily Tarotscope — Oct 8, 2014 — The Moon -- There’s a full moon lunar eclipse today in Aries which is also happening very close to the unpredictable planet Uranus. Although there is a lot going on with the eclipse it seems you just want to hide away and be by yourself without anyone around you except your own thoughts and emotions for company ... (more)...

Free Daily Tarotscope - Oct 8, 2014 - The Moon

Nicoletta Ceccoli

The Beautiful and Bizarre World of Nicoletta Ceccoli - contemporary artist, painter, storybook illustrator, surrealistic artwork