Griffin by Ron Burns the offical artist of the National Humane Society. A portion of his art sales go to various animal and children causes.
"Are You Talkin' to Me?" by AEMgallery cats
This is a PENCIL Drawing!!!! Unbelievable!!!! Incredible Cat Pencil Sketches by Paul Lung. The beautiful pencil art was created by Hong Kong based graphic artist from Paul Lung. 0.5 mm 4B mechanical pencil and A2 paper are the only attributes of these masterpieces. He doesn't use eraser and spends up to 60 hours sketching out his pictures. As he often admits people do not believe him and he has to make videos of his work to prove that these art works are not photographs.
easy acrylic painting ideas | Cat ACEO - Green Cat - Emerald Kitty - Hand Embellished - Postage ...
Cat Battling Window Blinds
Homage to Matisse by Gianantonio Muratori

Mais ideias
These artists either grew up taking the old adage, "stay between the lines" to heart in the most literal way possible, or defied it to no end.  	   	In this case, both approaches led to something awesome.
Ragamuffin by Dean Russo |
Look at this Lying Lab Wrapped Canvas on #zulily today!
Steps on drawing an eye:
Tilt Cat by Dean Russo Graphic Art on Wrapped Canvas
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I would love to be able to do this, but I am not the best at art!
sun burst