I am a TOTAL weather nerd. So I've combined two of my fav things.weather and Italy! Water Spout, Liguria, Italy photo via besttravelphotos

Juras de amor eterno. Love Bridge - Paris

Love bridge "le pont des Arts", Paris, France You lock your love for ever and lose the keys in the Seine, how romantic ! Paris is definately the city of Love.

Rodin..#art #sculpture #statue

Auguste Rodin Sculptor François-Auguste-René Rodin, known as Auguste Rodin, was a French sculptor. Although Rodin is generally considered the progenitor of modern sculpture, he did not set out to rebel against the past.

Supercells are rotating updrafts within severe thunderstorms; they’re big and scary.  They can appear anywhere in the world given the right meteorological conditions, but most times they appear in the US Great Plains, last generally 2-3 hours and they sometimes split in 2, with the two resulting storms going in opposite directions. The supercells usually produce huge amounts of hail, torrential rainfall, strong winds, and substantial downbursts and are often carriers of giant hail…

Supercells: Supercells are gigantic, spinning storms that have the tendency to be extremely destructive and create tornadoes. Supercells are the most dangerous of the four major storm types.

Lightning Blasting Down upon fumes of Volcanic Ash!

Volcano Erupting in Chile. Pretty much the coolest thing I've ever seen. What's in the middle of it Volcano erupt in Chile night lightning


waterspout - saw one of these once, off the coast of Naples, FL. Was preetty impressive!

National geographic, 1981..awesome how you can see the pattern of the wind in the water's surface

National geographic, 1981 Waterspout - Waterspouts do not suck up water;

Pietro Annigoni (1934)

“ Portrait of Juanita Forbes (detail), Pietro Annigoni (Italian, Forbes private collection. Annigoni studied art at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. He based his style on Leonardo da Vinci and Titian, working in.

Storm Cell, Nebraska.

Epic supercell thunderstorm clouds in Kansas from photographer Camille Seaman. - I see this and think, God help that farmer! Silos right underneath that thing! Check out the website to see

I actually wouldn't mind if men took more fashion cues from the vikings.

I actually wouldn't mind if men took more fashion cues from the vikings. I mean, I'm a big fan of the geek-chic look but seriously, how about an alternate macho counter to the metro-sexual look that's not just frat boy slob. Just a thought.

WOW ~ Tibetan man in traditional clothing and jewelry. It is traditional for Tibetan men to wear extravagant jewelry About Face,Anthropological,Faces of the World,Global People & Adornements,People all over the world


Be with Friends in Your World. Talk to Anyone in the World.

Rolls-Royce Phantom III Cabriolet, 1939

Rolls-Royce Phantom III Vutotal Cabriolet with body by Labourdette. Jean Henri Labourdette invented the "Vutotal" system to increase visibility and security by eliminating the windscreen mounts and side window frames

A Waterspout in Florida

Waterspout In Tampa Bay taken by Photos de Jeremy Kappell WDRB .Waterspouts, for the unfamiliar, are basically water-tornados, often weaker than land tornados but still completely terrifying. As is the case with this waterspout, which hit Tampa Bay.