Lámpara con luces de navidad

DIY Lantern With Christmas Lights Pictures - This is a cute idea, but I wouldn't use plastic, I'd use a glass vase from the dollar store for fire safety.

DIY Plastic Bottle Bird House

DIY Plastic Bottle Bird House (not interested in a birdhouse, but could adapt to make a fairy house to go with Boo's new playhouse)

Estuche reciclando un bote de plástico

Estuche reciclando un bote de plástico

DIY: Lunchbox Container from a Milk Jug :-: pack smarter, replace all your disposable plastic sandwich bags with a DIY container.

Eco Craft Tour: portalibri fatto riciclando flaconi del detersivo

'Plastic book shelves' made from plastic milk bottles. Picture only, good use for detergent bottles?

Casinha de Passarinho feito com garrafa Pet

Casinha de Passarinho feito com garrafa Pet/ casa para pájaros hecha con botella pet

Lustre de reciclagem

You can make awesome DIY lamp from recycled plastic containers. To make this lamp, you will need a large plastic container coffee filter or crepe

CARDBOARD TUBES EMBEDDED IN A CARDBOARD TUBE - Instructions to make this apparatus

Sensory Water/Sand Play ideas - fine motor and bilateral skills - cardboard tubes

DIY:: This is My Favorite Gardening Scoop!!! From a Bleach Bottle

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

Bleach Bottle as Cat Litter Scoop or any other kind of scoop. Cut diagonally across the middle of an empty, clean bottle, toss the base, and use the half with the handle to scoop up soil or cat litter.