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We've seen female Chara and male Chara. We've seen a shit ton female Frisk fan arts and frisk is beautiful as a girl,but I really need to see and make more Male Frisk cuz let's be honest,Frisk is f...

Ya'll sinners want Fem!Chara back. So here's the sexy demon lady. --- SHE'S MY WAIFU YA HEAR? MINE *Neko-chan aggressively hisses at you while clinging . She's mine,so back off please

Você fez sua escolha a muito tempo atrás. Então todos me culparam. Mas se lembre de quando eu disse lá atrás. Desde quando você era o único no controle? (Me sinto culpada)

Everyone is quick to blame Chara or Frisk for the genocide, but its actually the player. And there are quite a few moments where the characters in the game talk to the player, not frisk or chara. Also I thought Frisk was dabbing 🤢

Undertale, Beware Beware Be Skeptical, Wolf In Sheep's Clothing AMV - created via

, Beware Beware Be Skeptical, Wolf In Sheep's Clothing genocide Chara Papyrus Alphys Mettaton Monster kid Sans Toriel Flowey Frisk

Where It Belongs: FIGHT by ShrubSparrow on DeviantArt

It's all YOUR fault for starting It, not Chara's. Actually It was you who pushed everything to it's edge. It was you who took the first step, the first life.

True Lab origins FINAL

True Lab origins FINAL >> pinning again because this is everything