Dr. Faivre 115, Curitiba PR / A GRANADA, é uma empresa de comunicação que considera o DESIGN um instrumento a frente, que abre caminho e conquista territórios.
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Munique - 1972

Munich 1972 & Montreal 1976 The pictograms used in Munich, created by the Director of the Higher Institute of Graphic Arts in Ulm, Otl Aicher.

Tókio - 1964

Pictograms have been part of Olympic design programs since they were first introduced at the 1964 Tokyo Games. The stylized figures easily communicate information to visitors and participants who have diverse language and cultural backgrounds.

Cidade do México - 1968

© Organizing Committee of the Games of the XIX Olympiad, MEXICO 68 - In order to minimize language problems, these pictograms were present for the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.

Los Angeles - 1984

© 1985 Copyright by the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee - Pictograms for the 1985 LA Olympics

Moscou - 1980

These pictograms were for the 1980 Moscow Olympics submitted by Nikolai Belkow, Mukhina Art School graduate from Leningrad.

Sydney - 2000

Sydney 2000 The pictograms specially designed for the Sydney Olympic Games were used as a directional aid to spectators, athletes and officials during the days of competition