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Garota Aviator
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Fire Dragon and lady (fire magic used in the coolest possible way)

In the Book of Hermes, Pymander appears to Hermes in the shape of a Fiery Dragon of "Light, Fire, and Flame." Pymander is the "thought divine" personified. Art by Todd Lockwood (see link)

Oxumarê | Tumblr

SACHAMAMA [aka SACH’AMAMA] [noun] Incan Mythology: a two-headed serpent considered to be the mother of forests and tree of life. Etymology: Quechuan, “mother of the earth”, “Mother Tree” or “Mother Jungle”. [Jessica Perlstein - The Rise of Sachamama]

Psychedelic Peace Ayahuasca ceremony

▲ △ Spirit Guide Animal Messenger and Reading ▼ ▽ Do you have an animal spirit guide? Find out your animal spirit guide with this reading!

skull native american - Pesquisa Google

This piece depicts the strength of the Native American warrior and the love he feels for his people and his land, blending Day of the Dead imagery with traditional elements to create an iconic charact

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