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Marijuana tourism and recreational marijuana bars starting in Wasington and Colorado

Grow marijuana indoors and outdoors. Growing Marijuana E-Book presents lots of growing tips with seed germinating to harvesting.

cannabis bonsai

One of the more creative ways to cultivate cannabis at home is to grow a marijuana bonsai tree. Seriously, you can train a cannabis plant to grow into pretty much any shape you can imagine.

tree tattoos | Tumblr

One of my favourite tree of life tattoo designs! I love the placement, and celtic idea around it. I would love to get this, maybe encorporate some celtic design into the tree, and add a beautiful horse under the branches on the right :)

I love tree tattoos! :)

Tree and house tattoo. But want kids to have a branch represetning them. This is the best tree I've found for what I want! Love the colored leaves & birds