Making 4 QUARTS of liquid hand soap from ONE bar of soap:  1 C grated bar soap of your choice (I'm using Yardley's)  1 T glycerin  10 C water    In a large pot, combine all ingredients and turn on medium-low until soap dissolves. If resulting soap is too runny, try doubling soap & glycerin. This will thicken the longer it sits.

The Rasmussens: Domestic Goddess Dress Up: Making Liquid Soap. 4 quarts from one bar!

31 Household Products You’ll Never Have To Buy Again Save money and keep your home chemical-free with these DIY recipes.

31 Household Products You'll Never Have To Buy Again

Best home made body wash recipe I've found. I just finished making my first batch & I absolutely love it. It smells really great ( I used a lavender essential oil) & after washing my hands with it I quickly noticed how clean, soft & smooth they felt.

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12 uses for castille soap.  Skip the harsh detergents and animal products, and do the environment a favor!

12 great ways to use castile soap

Liquid Castile Soap - Save money and the planet with this versatile, biodegradable cleanser.

Castile Soap

Cleaning With Castile Soap - 11 Simple Recipes - Clean Mama Links to other printable reference sheets for various nontoxic DIY ingredients and recipes.

Make your own Salt Soap.

How to Make Sea Salt Soap

This is a great recipe to make super fast sea salt soap. FROM EVERYDAY ROOTS!