pallet patio bar

pallet patio bar, shady spot to read and relax while the kids are playing in the yard, kids fort covered in vines. or it can be your secret garden hideaway


Parking spaces overtaken by mini parks (aka Parklets) are everywhere in SF these days.

Massive Pavilion Covered with 7,000 Pallets at Rio+20 Exhibition : TreeHugger

Massive Pavilion Covered with 7,000 Pallets at Rio+20 Exhibition

Public space "Sapporo Shower Street -Anonymous Garden-" by SCU Yamada Studio has been celebrated 5 years today. When you will be there for shopping, the space must be waiting you.

Public space "Sapporo Shower Street -Japan Anonymous Garden-" by SCU Yamada Studio . Love the idea of having a pop-up restaurant or simple café in any less traveled alley location! Assuming it is a clean alleyway, it always feels special.

Parklet outside of Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, North Beach via

Mini parks sprouting up in parking spaces in San Francisco! What a great use of urban space and Social Permaculture (growing/gathering Community).

East River Waterfront Esplanade and Piers/Ken Smith Landscape Architect/SHoP architects

Two-mile planning and design for public esplanade and piers on New York City East River waterfront.

Farley's parklet

Nice way to create healthy green space. Good for the environment too instead of concrete. Farley's parklet by throgers creative placemaking!