Paint a stripe of chalkboard paint on all my mason jars. This would look so great! And be super easy to find my ingredients. Yes!

Two coatings of paint, the first one attaches to glass, the second one gives it color :: by Alejandro Olávarri Pons

Eco-Friendly Package Designs

Eco-Friendly Package Designs: 20 Ways To Go Green

Société Orignal Arctic Rose | QUITOKEETO Dazzling pink dried arctic roses

Société Orignal Arctic Rose

Package of 24 Small Mini Glass Jars with Cork Stoppers - Size: 1-1/2"; Tall X ...

Steps to make a glass jar pendant Mini glass jar pendant necklace are so in trend. I feel everybody should own one, its easy to make a mini glass jar pendant. lets see how THE THINGS YOU NEED: Buy mini.