Apple Ring Pancakes

Apple Ring Pancakes ::: Quite tasty, although in the recipe it says cm" slices for the apple rings, definitely making them thinner like they see in the video because its hard to get the sides cooked if they're thicker.

Easy Homemade Gnocchi

Easy Homemade Potato Gnocchi

Easy Homemade Gnocchi - sub almond flour instead of regular, and sweet instead of regular potato, and it's paleo friendly!

The Best Glutes Exercises to Lift, Firm & Round Your Booty!

Top 10 Exercises To Lift, Round & Firm Your Glutes

To give your backside that nice, round shape, you need to choose the best glute exercises, that target and activate the muscles, and use enough weight to build muscle tissue.

Os principais benefícios da banana são dar energia, diminuir o apetite devido ao seu teor de fibras e aumentar a sensação de bem estar, pois a banana é rica em triptofano, um aminoácido que faz aumentar a produção do hormônio serotonina, responsável por que melhorar o humor.

Banana melhora o humor e combate a depressão - conheça os benefícios!

Freezer-Prep Smoothies 4 Ways

These 4 Easy Smoothies Are The Healthy Start Into Your Day That You Have Been Looking For!

Freezer-Prep Smoothies 4 Ways This is a great idea for the frequent smoothie drinker. Switch out the dairy milk for a non-dairy alternative for a healthy drink. Almond-milk, hemp-milk, or soy-milk are great with smoothies. Use the unsweetened kind.

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Workout of the day! For the very important core section of the body! Target those love handles!

As women, we tend to carry our body fat from the waist down, particularly in the legs and hips. One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is wanting to get rid of “love handles”, or the fat th

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