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But, am I a merciful god? I can only choose one of you. Offer your souls to me. Don't make the same mistakes you made with rika, darlings~

Yes baby you're not alone

Oh my gods V. I just finishes sevens route and I'm doing the first secret ending. Gods I wanna cry when I think about V now. Honey bun you don't deserve this

Great workspace. I need to set up a corner like this over my drafting table. My walls always stay so bare!

the analog room - By Mr. Biggs i recently designated a digital space with computer, etc. and an adjacent table with tactile, analog art/creativity tools. love creating spaces dedicated to both.

sufjan stevens is wearing two hats

batcii: now that i’ve resigned myself to living. batcii: “ now that i’ve resigned myself to living in my parents house while i finish my degree i’ve spent the last few months trying to make my room a little more like somewhere i actually want to.