Zwembalkon in Mumbai

Check out the new Mumbai Apartment complex The Aquaria Grande, with its Floating Balcony Pools. Designed by Hong Kong architect James Law, the plans for this incredible dream residence actually have swimming pools in the place of balconies.

Giant Watermelon

This has to be the biggest Watermelon ever, wonder if this is a photo shop?

Razão de viver.... Mais

heaven and earth, nature, mystical alaska aurora- spent some time in alaska but never saw this. Definitely on my bucket list :)

Aqueduto Veluwemeer na Holanda - AC Variedades

Superb Driving Underwater in Netherland Watch and see the superb creation of Netherland motorway, its an amazing motor track takes the Netherland Government. HD Superb Driving Underwater in Netherland Wallpaper for screen saver.

Imagem: © Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Twisted & tesselating "Green House" building design by Vincent Callebaut Architectures for Agora Tower in Taipei, Taiwan 2016

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"Giant vegetable legend Bernard Lavery and some of his produce in 1995" So many LOLS.

Giant vegetables - in pictures

The legend in the world of growing huge vegetables Bernard Lavery with his crops in

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Thousand finger banana tree (Musa chiliocarpa) This type of banana can be found in various parts of South East Asia. The plant goes by a variety of common names including Pisang Seribu and Thousand Fingers.