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Lisbon  ·  O é um guia de Turismo, Lazer e Cultura.Todas as semanas as melhores sugestões de eventos e lugares para visitar.
Myguide Portugal
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Pico do Arieiro, Madeira #Madeira #Portugal #Travel

Pico do Arieiro, Madeira

Os Alpes Italianos #ALpes #italia #Italy #travel

The Dolomites – South Tyrol, Italy Millions of years ago the pale peaks and pinnacles of the Dolomites lay on the seabed; now they are among the world’s most distinctive mountainscapes Credit: Michele Galli/Getty Images

Cavernas do lago Carrera, Argentina #Travel #Argentina

Marble Cave, Chile Chico, Chile – The most spectacular caves network in the world and this Marble Cathedral is absolutely magnificent. It’s located in Patagonia, Chile on the second largest freshwater lake in South America, General Carrera.

Cabo da Roca #cabodaroca #Portugal #Travel

A cape which forms the westernmost extent of continental Europe (and by definition the Eurasian land mass). Cabo da Roca was known to the Romans as 'Promontorium Magnum' and during the Age of Sail as the Rock of Lisbon.

Pico do Arieiro, Madeira #Portugal #Madeira #Travel

Pico do Arieiro, Madeira

Parque Nacional dos Lagos de Plitvice, Croácia #Croatia #Travel

Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia) ~ 'This Unesco World Heritage–listed park is made up of interlinked and cascading lakes, caves and forest. The colours of the lakes range from azure to green, blue and even grey.

Ponte Vasco da Gama, #Lisboa #Lisbon #Portugal

Ponte Vasco da Gama - taken by Lujó Semeyes