The rock hewn temple of Kailasa in Ajanta Ellora cave area, India.

One of my trips to India must include this place. The rock hewn temple of Kailasa in Ajanta Ellora cave area, India.

The 10 Most Beautiful Places in Iceland

The 10 Most Beautiful Places in Iceland

Vik is Iceland’s southernmost village and faces the open Atlantic Ocean, framed by a long black volcanic sand beach. Less than 300 people live in Vik, but it is the biggest settlement for some mi). Click through to read why Vik Iceland is a MUST Se

Trolltunga rock, Ringedalsvatnet lake, Norway

99 Breathtaking Places You Must Visit Before You Die

Traveling to these amazing places helps you connect with the nature and charges your body,mind and soul.

A walk around the coast, the Channel, with Beachy Head lighthouse to mark the scene. In East Sussex, UK

Volta ao mundo dia-a-dia (2011)

If this is the only place I ever travel to outside the U. (Beachy Head lighthouse and the white cliffs of Dover, East Sussex, UK.

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At last moment of your life no bad vibes surrounds you. Think every day of your life as your last day. You immediately get filled with love and compassion. You forgive yourself and forgive others when this thought co

olhar para o passado de lagrimas me dá forças para prosseguir.

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Santorini, Greece Mais

Greece - View of the old port of Fira Santorini island. Facts about Greece: Area: sq km. Southernmost part of Balkan Peninsula in southeast Europe and 150 inhabited islands in the Ionian, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. The islands constitute o


A bright smile from a young Nepalese child. Who would not smile back?

Sintra Portugal - For a cycling day trip, check out Sintra Cascais natural park, about 30km from Lisbon. One great option is to hire bikes in Lisbon, take the commuter train from Rossio station to Sintra and then head west into the park. An adult return is no more than €5 and bikes are carried free of charge, including at weekends.

Mini Castle In a Lake Sintra Portugal. Obviously, a castle does not have to be huge to have that "WOW" factor! I LOVE the way this place looks, and I wouldn't mind spending some time there. I might want a small boat, though.