Respeita as mina - Poster do Studio Adonadabolsinha por R$90,00

Respeita as mina - Ilustra/Poster da Julia Lima / Adonadabolsinha

Roy Lichtenstein

Picture-perfect kiss by ROY LICHTENSTEIN – Along with Andy Warhol, the most famous figure of the American Pop-Art. His works are often related to the style of the comics, though Lichtenstein rejected that idea.

Ilustrações para download - A pop art de Roy Liechtenstein

Ilustrações para download - A pop art de Roy Liechtenstein

Drew this in art!Pop art by Roy Lichtenstein, Pop art is short for Popular art. Pop art is very bold with its comic book inspired design. (Roy Lichtenstein, Girl with hair ribbon


by John Romita Sr. (pencils) & Joe Sinnott (inks) - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Grégoire Guillemin é um designer francês que, dizem, se recusa a deixar a época…

In his pop art illustrated series, French illustrator Grégoire Guillemin imagines the secret lives of superheroes.

Still life (with a twist?)

Surrealism and optical illusions occur in real life. Note the refraction pattern caused by this glass of water.

Art: Two 4 Two - Wine 79 by Artist Thomas C. Fedro

Artist's Portfolio of Thomas C. Fedro - Thumbnails for art in gallery 'Wine' - Page 3

A intimidade dos super-heróis de Greg Guillemin

A intimidade dos super-heróis

The secret life of heroes - The ordinary life of super Heroes by Greg Guillemin - Spiderman: Brushing his teeth.