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A swift kick in the butt - everybody needs that! (At least that 's our dad would say!) LOL  #Calvin and hobbes
SO funny!!


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"In a game with no consequences, why are you still playing the 'Good' side?" Because being mean makes me feel bad. 23 fucking hundred years of philosophy and this mother fucker on tumblr gets it in a meme - iFunny
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One of the best sentences I have ever heard - Funny
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Lake Oconee Eye Care - Vision Source (LakeOconeeEyeCare) - Profile | Pinterest
Lake Oconee Eye Care - Vision Source
Lake Oconee Eye Care - Vision Source
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Lyndsey GreenL
Lyndsey Green
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Kathy Wentz
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Went to Starbucks Idk how to sleep in. Tons of people in line. Everyone looks like zombies & I'm spacing out myself. All of a sudden this guy stands next to me and goes, "this is crazy!" Then grabs my hand to hold it. We both looked down at & looked up. Him: you're not my wife. Me: nope. (Girl behind us): You're holding the wrong hand, honey. Him: You sure? Me: We're sure. Him: I feel committed to finishing this Starbucks experience w/ you now. Me: I'm not paying. Him: oh nvm, let me go back to my wife. Wife: I'm not paying either! (Guy in front of us): Come hold my hand, sir. I'll buy you any frappuccino you want. Husband went & held hands with the strange man & looks at both me & his wife & goes, *at least someone cares about me." - iFunny
Me Equivoco
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
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Pro homo - Funny