pretty dress collection

lovely summer tops :-) I don't know what's with these things. I'm feeling very girlish in the summer. Frills, pink, flowers and light skirts are a must. Every girl must have at least one flowery summer dress :-)

love the colour combo

Creative Uses of Wallpaper in Any Room

DIY Art - Framed Wallpaper Create your own wall art by cutting out 12 squares of wallpaper in four different patterns and framing them. Hang them in a rectangle shape on the wall for easy, eye-catching art.

love this

Wedding Traditions in Ireland

In ancient times Irish brides wore a blue wedding gown as blue was then the symbol of purity. I love this pale blue wedding gown and the fitted cardigan is so pretty, perfect for an autumn or winter wedding.

Milkglass Cake Stand

Jadeite Milk Glass Cake Stand - Wouldn't this jade cake stand look amazing with strawberry shortcake on top? I love the soft green color.

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