Rafael Colin Vasconcellos

Rafael Colin Vasconcellos

Rafael Colin Vasconcellos
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rock-he9, rock-he Kim on ArtStation at https://artstation.com/artwork/rock-he9-281b6f08-e24b-4cce-867f-d51f93652606

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Mask Javelin Spear

This guy is part of a "culture" test for Wizards of the Coast. I think I might have adhered a little too closely to the provided reference.

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armordoneright: “ It’s strong. It’s beautiful. It’s women’s armor done RIGHT. Thank you, Eva Widermann! Artwork of the Coast ” Dark cleric female powerful mysterious

Final Fantasy, Sword, Weapons, Finals

Reptilianos= Após a sua quase extinção no movimento racista "Grande Expurgo" esses seres se esconderam, tanto com magia entre os humanos quanto em florestas e cavernas.

This is a cool idea to inspire a reptilian style warrior, I especially like the ridges on the back that are like an extruding spinal cord.