much more elegantly painted rocks, beautiful in a subtle organic way

rock painting crafts!

Passo a passo de como guardar sua roupas. #infografico #dicas

Awesome packing tip called a skivvy roll. Teaches how to save space in your luggage every time you travel. Budget travel lovers will enjoy this technique because it can mean less packed luggage (and fewer fees).

6 cool things you can make from old jeans | MNN - Mother Nature Network

6 cool things you can make from old jeans

Awesome DIY Inspiration: Sew a whale toy from denim jeans - A Designer Life Create this amazing DIY whale soft toy by sewing old denim jeans fabric! Want fantastic ideas concerning arts and crafts? Head to my amazing website!


DIY Shampoo Bottle Monster Pencil Holder - fun craft to do with your kids! Turn those old shampoo bottles into something useful!

DIY Tips and ideas on how to keep cozy this winter. |

Cold Weather Hacks to Keep You Cozy This Winter

36 Cold Weather Hacks to Keep You Cozy This Winter. Terra cotta pot heater with instructions.

Como fazer água florescente.

Making glow water is super easy, and there are so many FUN ways to use it! What could be cooler than glowing water, right?

camp wood stove with oven

Jack: Want. Portable Wood Stoves and Packages. Package Accessories fit inside of Stove for Storage and Transporting. Great for summer kitchens and emergencies. Also comes with optional oven. Very affordable!

string art--A way to number & pin heads, cotton thread I've seen this on earrings...gonna have to try!

Artes com linhas e pregos, alfinetes, cordas, agulhas........linhas coloridas

Cold weather shelters

The more skills you discover, the more self reliant you are and the greater your opportunities for survival ended up being. Here we are going to discuss some standard survival skills and teach you the.

Reutilizando potes ou vidros de creme de cabelo e creme de pele * Criativo * porta trecos

Recycle colorful shampoo bottles into creative, child-friendly pencil holders with our easy step-by-step directions. For more repurposed crafts, visit P&G everyday today!