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Truman Capote, 1950s.  (Photograph by Leonida Barezzi/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images)

Truman Capote with a newspaper on his knees. by Leonida Barezzi/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images.

where you can not love, do not take too long.

Frida on White Bench, New York by Nickolas Muray via ArtBlart. When first introduced to Frida Kahlo, I can't say what I fell for first -- her vibran

Sobre o jornalismo combativo

Sobre o jornalismo combativo

mais e mais jornalismo! porque contar histórias é demais! =)

Retro typewriters in new colors - remember typing on these? If there was a color, it was military green of office khaki.


1963 ,New York Commuters read of John F. Kennedy's assassination, November This Carl Mydans photo did not appear in LIFE when the magazine published as a weekly, but has been printed in later books.