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This page shows fanciful and artistic representations of the best rides that Disneyland has to offer!

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Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was designed by Imagineer Tony Baxter and ride design engineer Bill Watkins. The concept came from Baxter's work on fellow Imagineer Marc Davis's concept for the Western River Expedition, a western-themed pavilion at the Magic Kingdom, designed to look like an enormous plateau and contain many rides, including a runaway mine train roller coaster. However, because the pavilion as a whole, was deemed too expensive in light of the 1973 construction and opening of…

Vintage Disneyland Ride Poster

Vintage Disneyland attractions posters

More Disney.

Vintage Disneyland Ride Poster

Vintage Disneyland attractions posters

More Disney.

Expedition Everest - Animal Kingdom - Disney World!

beware of the yeti

Having never been on Expedition Everest before (I know! I can't believe it either), I have to say it was brave of me to not only have my camera out but actually decide to shoot knowing it was a thrill ride, but not knowing to what extent. It was difficult (unlike on BTMR or Splash Mtn which I practically know by heart) without knowing what the ride was going to do - after realizing at this point that it was going to start moving backwards I figured it was best that I put the camera away…

Disney Vintage

Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom - Jungle Cruise

Magic Kingdom - Beware of the Tiki Gods!!

Well, I'm back home and starting to get back into real life. Part of doing so was transferring my photos to my desktop, which took around an hour and a half. I love when I first get home from a trip and have thousands of shots to edit. It feels like turning over a new leaf. I took this shot shortly after rope drop on my way over to Splash Mountain after getting FP's for Space Mountain. This was also taken holding the camera in portrait mode. Since I got a battery grip, I used portrait much…

Splash Mountain.  love it!!

Disney Files

For all those who share the love (and maybe, just a little bit of an obsession) of Disney. Have a magical day. Unless otherwise stated, I have no rights to any of the pictures or videos. "I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse." ~Walt Disney

Jungle Cruise  Magic Kingdom

Little higher please!

Jungle Cruise Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World, Fla Working out fine for the guys up top. Not so much for low man on the totem pole. ---------- Watch your head’n’step…and welcome home.

Disneyland in the 50's

Disneyland promo pics from the 50's

These are some pics found in my Dad's stuff from when he worked on sound systems at Disneyland in the 50's

♥ Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Magic Kingdom - Frontierland

The Great American Frontier

This is becoming by far my favorite area of the Magic Kingdom to shoot in as the sun goes down. The other lands beat it for me at other points during the day, but only the castle can compare to how those mountains reflect the golden sunlight. This particular shot was taken from the backside of Big Thunder Mountain on the Liberty Belle. We were originally sitting on the lower level in the front of the boat, which was the greatest of views. After a couple of minutes we headed up to the top…

Retro Disneyland! Monorail.

Retro Disneyland Attraction Posters

Straight from the 1950s-60s are these retro cool Disneyland attraction posters! These were just sold a few weeks ago at the Profiles in History auction of

Disneyland vintage poster

Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom - It's a Small World

Magic Kingdom - its a small world

I for the life of me could not think of a profound or thought invoking title for this shot. But I do offer a question about it. Why is it that its a small world is always spelled in lower case letters, even on park maps while other attractions have proper grammar? Something that caught my eye recently and I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks for lookin', and have a great day!