Bias Tape Maker is this not amazingly simple? I wonder if there is something wider in my house that I can find to use.

Remove the blade from your craft knife. insert folded fabric and voila, a DIY bias binding tool is created.

Tutorial para fazer esta necessaire de cosméticos

Anke's Brushes Bag - now with Video

Free sewing pattern and video tutorial for an easy cosmetics bag with a built on brushes bag or roll. I would use this as a pencil case or a crochet and knitting accessory bag.

Lixo de carro

Car Basket - free pattern & tutorial in Polish, but step-by-step pictures help.

Womens Tri-fold Cash Wallet - PDF Sewing Instructions

Womens Tri-fold Cash Wallet - PDF

Womens Tri-fold Cash Wallet - PDF Sewing Instructions along with loads of other purse and wallet patterns.


Free pattern from Red Brolly for a Mug Bag with pocket for tea bags - great gift for a quilter/crafter who attends workshops or get togethers.Pattern e spiegazioni dettagliate!

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